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The Spokane Valley is rich with History. Originally, the ancestral homelands of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe, the Valley has many other historic and cultural sites commemorating the Indian Wars, the Mullan Trail and the first store, post office and home in the region. Fur trappers, Miners, the Army, the Missionary Priests and many others walked or rode the many trails winding through the Valley.

From the first permanent settler, Antoine Plante, in 1849, to the incorporation of the City of Spokane Valley in 2003, we have collected and catalogued over 200 years of memories, artifacts, archives, photographs, maps and much more. Putting it all together and connecting you with your heritage is our mission. We have a searchable database where the museum archive collection is compiled.

If you can't visit us, we can research your inquiries for you.

Spokane Valley Community Recognition Award

The Museum is enjoying record growth

Our community has embrased our mission and is daily providing new treasures from the Spokane Valley

We have a new exhibit: Luke Williams and American Sign and Indicator. ASI_LOGO

Coming soon:
Felts Field and the 1927 Air Races exhibit
mamer at air races

Coming soon:
A view of the Valley; 100 years of Spokane Valley story tales.

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